Kids have this uncanny ability to make you feel really stupid. I remember working in the nursery at church in the 6-week to 6-month infant room and babies just staring completely stone faced at me while I tried to make silly faces, play patty-cake, or do tickle monster. I’m sorry, who are you to belittle me?

I envy the confidence the librarians at story time have. I spend half of story time being slightly embarrassed for them, yet sooooo grateful for their enthusiasm and expression since I know my kid loves it! It can’t be easy to shake your sillies out with a roomful of toddlers, preschoolers, and parents staring you down.

We tried out a new playground the other day since we’re living in a new city. They had these sweet pieces of rocking equipment on springs. Surely they have an actual name, but since I’m sitting down to write this at the end of a long day, I’m calling them sweet pieces of rocking equipment on springs. See picture or use your imagination.

I wanted to direct my son’s attention away from the back hoe digging equipment he’d been using in an OCD manner for over 15 minutes. Naturally, I mounted the first rocker I came upon. I hollered over to him “Hey bud, come check out these cool rockers!”


Mkay. I stopped lunging my body forward and backward and let the rocker come to a stop. I hopped off ol’ Bessy, picked a wedgie, and sat back down on the bench by the stroller.