We were watching TV the other night after the kids went to bed. I don’t even remember what was on. All I CAN remember is how amazing the woman’s legs were. She was wearing a form-fitting skirt (I have a bin of those in the “I have a dream” section of the closet), high heels, and her legs were curvy, tan, smooth, and had a beautiful sheen about them. As I put my pajama shorts on that night and looked down at my own legs, I realized that television is in fact not reality and that there is such thing as “mom legs.”

You know the kind I’m talking about. They have fine spider veins around the ankles and knees. They have a scratch up the shin of unknown origin that’s partially scabbing over. They’re speckled like a dairy cow from bruises you don’t remember getting. They’re fuzzy….sometimes from dry skin and sometimes from razor neglect. They’re perfect for a game of “Connect the Dots” if your children get bored from moles you should probably have checked. And if it’s summer time you might even have the kind that have tan lines mid-thigh from your modest is hottest jean shorts.

It was in that moment of personal reflection that I was never more grateful that leggings are in style. If you see me with bags under my eyes these next few days it’ll probably be because I’ll be scouring Pinterest for “fashion + leggings under shorts” while I’m up nursing my bruise-maker baby in the middle of the night.

– – – –
{Addition: I was pretty excited when I logged on to Facebook this morning and saw the above photo of my friend’s legs. I mean, check out that epic shorts tan line. I can’t verify whether or not the bruises, scrapes, moles, and dry skin are also applicable to her, but these shorts tan lines were all the confirmation I needed that this blog post was on par with moms everywhere. Thanks for allowing me to use the photo, Christine :)}