We sit on the floor after dining at lunch and I grimace and groan at the book he has clutched, for a Dr. Seuss book wears me out like a…really worn out thing.

We get comfy cozy and open the book, and words jump right out as if let down from a hook.

They beat me and mock me and make feel dumb. A four year degree you’d think I’d not done.

But cuz I love Bubs and our nap time routine, I plow on ahead with the lyrical theme.

I read and I read and I read him some more, til curse words come tumbling out, I’m abhorred!

The twisting and turning and tursting and twerning make reading out loud quite the chore and all but a bore. For tricky word play and a dulled mommy mind are perfect ingredients for a comical time.

After sputtering, spewing, and spitting galore, we get to the end of the book I abhor. I take a deep breath and a sip of cool water, just as my son says “Can we do another?”

…”I love you my darling and think you’re a catch, but do that again I will not. Take a nap.”