“You’ll have to actually do your hair when Jennie comes since you know her’s will look awesome.”

[I blankly stare ahead out the front windshield as we drive]

“I thought you’d appreciate that……nope? Okay, got it.”

Sometimes husbands mean well but they can swing and miss (since I’m writing about husbands I decided to try to incorporate a sports reference). In this instance, I actually burst out laughing afterwards because there was such long awkward silence and the man spoke truth.

We were on our 10 hour drive to the cabin on the lake in Wisconsin for the 4th of July holiday with the kids in tow. I’ve had a bad case of the Pieceoftrash-itis lately that a lot of stay at home moms get. It’s curable, but the patient has to want to get better. I was actually planning on being overtaken even MORE by Pieceoftrash-itis while up at the cabin — you know, with the lake and the sunscreen and the bonfires and all. But then my husband so kindly reminded me that my beautiful blonde bombshell sister would be coming too. She works for the ABC news affiliate in Minneapolis and she’s a newlywed, so she still wears like, actual clothes and does her hair and stuff.

I stepped up my game while we were at the cabin.

I think as wives we often bat for both teams…hmmm…okay, maybe this particular sports reference isn’t going to work…let’s just say I think as wives we often send confusing messages to our husbands. We tell our husbands that they can tell us anything. They can trust us with what they want to share — they can be honest with us about how we look, how we act, if we’re as talented in a particular area as we think we are, if dinner tastes good, etc. But then we get our feelings hurt when they share something we weren’t expecting to hear.

I made this amazing dinner the other night. It was tortellini with alfredo sauce, red peppers, broccoli, and carrots, and then delicious Italian seasoned chicken sausage that actually had mozzarella cheese in it. My tastebuds were in their happy place and I shoveled forkful upon forkful into my mouth. I was telling my husband how good it tasted to me and he just kinda shrugged and said his few comments about what he thought. Initially I was a little irked, but then I realized he’s allowed to have an opinion too (oh man…..this could launch into an entire blog SERIES on current events, huh?). I was okay that my husband wasn’t as passionate about this tortellini dish as I was because I knew it tasted delicious. I could be secure in that. I could also be secure because he devoured two platefuls of pasta despite it tasting too spinachy for his liking 🙂

Your husband isn’t always going to like your outfit, your new hair cut, your muffins, or what you did with your living room decor. Sometimes that can lead to discussion about doing things differently. I mean, let’s be honest…your muffins might actually be awful and your dress might actually not be flattering. But other times, it’s okay! You’re different people —heck, different species — so you’ll have different likes and dislikes. It seems trivial, I know, but apparently at 29 I still need a reminder that it’s okay to like different things. Be secure — you won’t always hit a home run when it comes to your husband!

And in the case of my Pieceoftrash-itis…I’ve had a slight relapse since being home. But at least I’m secure in my diagnosis 🙂