Me: “Well, we’re not doctors so I just want to make sure it’s okay that we gave him both of those meds at the same time.”

Walks over to the computer, pulls up Google, types in the two medications in question and hits “Search”

Husband: “We’re not doctors but you’ll see what a bunch of strangers say on Google?”

Me: “…….yah…….”

If you grabbed your phone to dial the number to Child Protective Services, don’t worry. We went to the Pediatrician the next day and she confirmed the treatment course we had enacted the night before. It turns out your brains, the ability to read labels, and Dr. Google can often both be right. And they don’t bill your insurance.

We parents can’t be expected to know everything all the time. That’s why we have parents of our own, Pediatricians, other friends with kids, and in some circumstances, Google and social media.

My latest struggle as a parent is what to do about my 9-month-old’s frequent night wake-ups. Don’t get me wrong, I love being needed, but after a long day of caring for two kids without necessarily getting a nap of my own, I’ll admit there are times when I want to just scream “for the love of Moses, freaking shut your face and go to sleep!” I’m not sure what Child Psychologist’s teachings that sleep training method would fall under, but realistically, it’s probably the most widely practiced sleep training method.

Last night I angered the beast. I had a magical bedtime routine with our baby that afterwards, had me heel-clicking through our creeky hallway and down to the basement to join my husband and older son in some popcorn and the movie Cars. I just knew I had turned a corner with her. But when she woke up in the middle of the night crying I made the poor choice of walking into her room, turning on the iPad of ethereal instrumental praise and worship music, and attempting to lay her body down in the crib and pat her bottom. It was such a good plan in my head. And the books say this approach should eventually work.

But last night I realized these books aren’t written by parents of strong-willed children. To make this approach work I would have had to turn the ethereal instrumental praise and worship music up to decibels not supported by my iPad, forcibly pin her head down in the crib as the bottom 3/4 of her body writhed around screaming. Her butt would have been nearly impossible to soothingly pat because she was throwing herself around like a rabid fox. I don’t necessarily know what a rabid fox would look like, but go with me on this. I had angered the beast.

My ONE goal when I finally decided to go into her room to try and soothe her “by the book” was to NOT nurse her. By the end of that tremendous fail she AND I were both clawing at my shirt to give her access to what she was so violently demanding.

And there we sat…in the dark, stillness of her room…rocking back and forth in the glider…listening to ethereal instrumental praise and worship music…………..nursing.

So you know what? Sometimes I’m gunna Google things. Sometimes I’m gunna turn to Facebook. Because the books don’t always know everything. Sometimes the collective experiences of random strangers proves invaluable to you. Sometimes it’s ignorant, collective crap. But sometimes the advice from people who are in the trenches with you can encourage you and point you in the right direction!

On that note….who of you in the trenches with me wants to encourage me and point me in the right direction?