To the Hot Mom Jogging:

I want to be you. You jog so freely in the middle of the morning and it makes me want to trade your place.

I’d trade my thrown together outfit for your trendy work out clothes.

I’d trade my hot mess, day-old, sticky sucker hair for your long and flowing pony.

I’d trade my pack mule, slouching posture for your straightened back and shoulders.

I’d trade my scattered brain and clumsy self for your confidence and focus.

I’d trade my noisy car of crazy kids for the music of your iPod.


…my thrown together outfit allows me the freedom to get down with my kids and play without worrying about ruining something nice.

…my hot mess, day old, sticky sucker hair shows that sometimes convenience is the best option in the mornings so I can be prepared for the day when my kids wake up. The sticky sucker spots in my hair mean someone loves me enough to be all up in my space.

…my pack mule, slouching posture comes from bringing my kids and half of their earthly possessions to fun places during the week so they have something to look forward to.

…my scattered brain and clumsy self means I’m busy using all aspects of my giftings, juggling housework, childcare, freelance, being a wife, church life, and extra-curriculars.

…my noisy car of kids reminds me that I’m not alone and that this season won’t last long.

So, to the hot mom jogging…I guess I’m okay with being me.