enabling a person to feel that they can relate to someone or something.


This blog has no definitive beginning or end. It has no plot…no characters to become attached to. It’s just a series of moments I hope you can find relatable.


When working in the kitchen around aluminum cans, I automatically freak out about losing my balance, slitting my wrists on the sharp metal lids, and bleeding out on my hardwood floors while cooking dinner for my family. #whengreenbeansattack


I was well into my second trimester before I realized the cervix was the only thing that dilated during labor and delivery. Like…everything else stays the same size the whole way down and out…#dealbreaker


I went to shower before bed one night and realized I had been wearing the same outfit for two straight days. Like, to bed the night before even. Literally never took those clothes off for 2 days. And none of that dawned on me until I saw the prolific amounts of dried yogurt by my left collar bone from the day before. #somevanitymightbegood


I recently discovered the convenience of hard boiled eggs for breakfast. I’ll make a batch every few days to save time in the mornings. I also recently discovered that it’s like getting hit in the face by a fart wave every time you open your fridge. #whenefficiencystinks #diffusethat


When my 11-month-old just sits there and yells at me at the top of her lungs incessantly it takes every ounce of adult in me not to get down at her level and yell right back at her. I have things I need to get out of my system too. #howareyournerves


I made a new friend whose son has the same name as the guinea pig we had growing up. I’m debating on whether that would be a good ice breaker the next time I see her… #theroleofhonestyinfriendship


The easiest way to have a smoother morning routine is to not take off your make up the night before. #lifehack


When the baby is screaming her face off while I’m frantically driving home, I push the speed limit. I figure that any cop who would pull me over would quickly see for himself/herself why I felt the need to drive so “efficiently.” #whenmombiesdoerrands


I tend to say “We’ll have see if daddy can take a look at that when he gets home” when I have zero desire to deal with things like changing batteries, gluing things back together, figuring out why something doesn’t work, etc. My kid is probably growing up thinking his mother is incompetent. #aucontraire


When we’re in public and I see kids in meltdown mode and the embarrassment, frustration, and raw emotion on their parent’s face, I have to stop myself from buying for ice cream for my kids on our way home as a thank you for not making me go through that. #onlythestrongsurviveparenting


My husband watched a movie on Netflix that was pretty awful — low budget, bad acting, etc. The next time we logged on Netflix had so kindly selected a few other movies we might enjoy. You know, other sucky movies we might enjoy based on our interest in sucky movies. #thanksbutnothanks #youdontknowmenetflix


I used the dog’s hand command to try to communicate to my 3-year-old to “sit” the other day while at story time. #ahem


Everyone’s talking about the Kansas City Royals and their first game of the World Series and I’m all “Wait, there’s 14 innings in a baseball game?” #imgoodatotherthings