Tupperware Tetris

By |April 8th, 2016|

“I need to buy some more tupperware. There’s like, no tupperware here.”


I despise cleaning out the refrigerator. I’ve actually started putting a lot of leftovers in sandwich baggies if the consistence allows so that if two, three months pass and an array of pastel colors have overtaken that food item I can just toss it without there being the financial investment of a $0.64 Glad food storage container. It’s bad enough I wasted food at that point. […]

Thanks to a Bobby Pin

By |April 4th, 2016|

My husband fell more in love with me the other day. And it made me feel really good in my heart place.

I was dishing up dinner and my husband yelled to me that our three-year-old had pushed the lock our bedroom doorknob when he pulled it shut to run to the living room…thus locking us all out of the master bedroom. I leaned backward to look out of the kitchen and down the hallway and saw my husband running his fingers along the top of the door frames hoping to find a key. Like all self-sufficient stay-at-home moms, I grabbed […]

Nutritional Intervention

By |April 1st, 2016|

I realized the other day after posting a Facebook status that I joke way too much about my poor nutritional choices. I mean, the poor nutritional choices I make are minimal compared to how many wonderful choices I make, but only posting the poor choices portrays me as someone needing an Michelle Obama-esque intervention. For instance, here are a few of my latest posts which highlight sub-par nutritional choices:

“When you call the pediatrician to discuss the hives your toddler broke out with over the weekend and you confess you’re sure they’re not food-induced since all said toddler had that morning […]