My husband fell more in love with me the other day. And it made me feel really good in my heart place.

I was dishing up dinner and my husband yelled to me that our three-year-old had pushed the lock our bedroom doorknob when he pulled it shut to run to the living room…thus locking us all out of the master bedroom. I leaned backward to look out of the kitchen and down the hallway and saw my husband running his fingers along the top of the door frames hoping to find a key. Like all self-sufficient stay-at-home moms, I grabbed a bobby pin off the kitchen counter (where all moms keep bobby pins, right?) and pulled it apart as I marched down the hallway to the locked door.

“Watch this,” I said. I poked the bobby pin into the door handle and listened for the pop.

My husband grabbed me around the waist, pulled me close, and said “You’re so hot right now.”

I always thought I needed to learn how to shoot guns, run a 5k, sing a solo at church, or shower regularly to be considered hot, but it turns out unlocking a door with a bobby pin will put you right up there with Angelina Jolie in “Mr & Mrs. Smith.”

I’m a little relieved he never asked me how I knew to do that though……….

Wives, if your marriage has gotten a little stale, I’ve composed a list of perfectly mundane ways to be heroic and bring the spark back into your relationship too:

  1. Bring your spouse a fresh towel when he is showering and realizes he doesn’t have one.
  2. Put out a fire in your oven by throwing baking soda on it.
  3. Shoot down the pushy door-to-door DirectTV salesman. I mean…with your rhetoric. Not with a weapon.
  4. Throw off the lid from the washing machine and rearrange the wet clothes when your unit turns into a bucking bronco from being unbalanced during the spin cycle and your husband has never encountered such demonic activity from an appliance.
  5. Kill ants…with your bare finger.
  6. Get that grease stain out of his favorite dress shirt.
  7. Learn a new key command short-cut on your computer.
  8. Tell your husband that you know the secret to preventing messy, damaging, shocking explosions in the microwave…and then show him the plastic microwave-safe cover he can use to cover his plate or bowl every time he microwaves his food.
  9. Use a hot glue gun to repair something. Electric tool + extreme temperatures + fixing things = uber attractive wife.
  10. Change a poopy diaper using less than 47 wet wipes.

What are your ideas for bringing the spark back into your marriage?!