“I need to buy some more tupperware. There’s like, no tupperware here.”

[Angrily walks over to refrigerator, opens doors, looks around, sees Tetris game of tupperware leftovers precariously stacked on refrigerator shelves.]


[Closes door and walks away.]

I despise cleaning out the refrigerator. I’ve actually started putting a lot of leftovers in sandwich baggies if the consistence allows so that if two, three months pass and an array of pastel colors have overtaken that food item I can just toss it without there being the financial investment of a $0.64 Glad food storage container. It’s bad enough I wasted food at that point. We don’t need to be wasting tupperware too if I can’t adult enough to wash away the fuzzy rainbow.

(Side note: Did you know Tupperware is a brand name? It’s like someone saying Kleenex when they should be generically saying tissue. The corporate world is so messed up. Ima call it tupperware if I want to and I’ll make it generic by making it lowercase. There. #themoreyouknow)

And for some reason my lids drawer is double in quantity than my container drawer, yet sometimes I still find myself having to resort to aluminum foil to cover a container of leftovers may times.

So today I thought we’d look at some tips for keeping an organized refrigerator.

No for real…here’s the link to Google. Good gosh, somebody go find us some tips!