By |July 26th, 2016|

I’ve reached a very comfortable, confident phase of life now that I’m in my thirtieth year of life. It’s really been an incredible year of growth for me. But I feel as though, despite all of the personal gains, I’m developing a bit of a reputation. I’ve been living in a new city for the last year, so impressions are a big deal in this sensitive, rapport-building season of my life. I mean, I already let it slip that I shop at Goodwill and get haircuts with Great Clips coupons…

I suffer from Scatteredcrapstitis. It’s a condition that causes me to […]

Next Rest Stop

By |July 25th, 2016|

Nothing gets your bladder percolating or your Irritable Bowel Syndrome flaring up like passing a rest stop off the highway and seeing a big blue sign a few minutes later announcing “NEXT REST STOP 47 MILES.”

FOR-TY SE-VEN MIIII-LES. Zero other options. Seven hour road trip. I felt waves of nausea hitting me, twinges in my bladder, and was sure the air was filling with the scent of toots from the kids in the back seat who I knew would need a bathroom the minute one wasn’t available because #MurphysLaw. The next minutes of that drive were intense as the wave […]