Back when I was working full time, I was driving into work late one morning after an early doctor appointment. A large, grungy pick-up truck pulled up to my left as I was stopped at a light about two miles away from the office. I kept my gaze fixed ahead so as to not incite any kind of unwanted attention. But something in the corner of my eye caught my attention — a brown, hulking figure slowly leaned forward in the front passenger window of that car next to me. Frustration and annoyance welled up within in me as I had this “NO-WAY-am-I-getting-hit-on-at-a-stop-light-at-9:00-in-the-morning!-Who-do-they-think-the-are?” speech angrily racing through my head.

Completely peeved I turned to my left to offer my disapproving glare only to see a brown, hulking dog sitting in the front passenger seat eagerly looking out the window at me.

If there’s one thing I despise, it’s having to learn life lessons that will make me a better person…….psh.

Unfortunately, I’ve had many a life lesson on humility since. I proudly walked out of the house a few days ago wearing an outfit I thought was super cute and “doo-dee-doo.” (For those unfamiliar with the term that has yet to be trademarked, that’s a classification of style that my childhood friend and I made up to describe an outfit that makes you want to walk with pep in your step and happily bob your head from side to side Meg Ryan-esque.) When I got back home later my husband said, “You wore THAT outfit?!” Of course I had just seen approximately 457 people while wearing that outfit, so I was mortified that I might have embarrassed myself so publicly.

Today at the end of my second stop on our grocery run I was intently signing for my credit card purchase on the keypad at Walmart and the cashier said, “Well don’t you look pretty today” in a cheery, sing-song voice. I looked up at her and just beamed. My whole countenance changed. It almost made me forget the horrifying experience we had just had at our first stop for the day — the military commissary. My year-and-a-half-old had gotten away from me and was running barefoot through the store giggling at me while I chased her. Her playful giggles fueled my hate fire as I did my best to whisper-yell with my pointer finger blazing the trail before me down the aisle, angry eyebrows forming a unibrow across my scowling face. Her squeals of delight at being caught soon turned into squeals from an exorcism movie, enough to make your leg hair stand on end, accompanied by thrashing and gnashing of teeth. Had it not been a military facility, someone could easily have mistaken it for a broad daylight kidnapping. The anger and embarrassment on my face was probably enough to quell any fears from onlookers since those are tell tale emotions that I was that cherub’s parent. I always wonder when the day will come that they change the “DEFCON” status posted on the entrance door to a tighter level when they see us approaching.

Anyways…back to Walmart…I digress. Did I mention I bought a box of donuts at Walmart after because of that?

The cashier’s out of the blue comment touched me. I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her to with my head titled and a smile washing over my face to thank her. After all, I HAD showered this morning, blow dried and straightened my hair, applied make up and lip gloss, and was wearing an adorable outfit. I was even wearing perfume {gasp}. I guess the public really appreciated the effort I put into getting myself ready today.

But it wasn’t me she was looking at. It was my now-exorcised year-and-a-half old who was also tilting her head…and giving the cashier a hammy smile. Gulp. Humble pie didn’t taste as good as I knew the donuts in my cart would taste. Consider my ego checked……..again.

So, humility is an evolving character trait of mine. Color me a work in progress. Speaking of humility, my husband just burned me a CD for my car and I just noticed he wrote “DANCE” on it. So this should be good.

Do you have a good story of a humility-building moment you experienced? Share with me below!