I often ponder my career choice. Especially now as a stay-at-home mom when most of my day-to-day activities are less than glamorous. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little people with all my heart and I love providing them with a great, well-rounded day of activities, but yesterday I forgot to put deodorant on. By the end of the day I realized how offensive I was. And I don’t mean with my words. It was the pits (ba dum tssss). I probably wouldn’t have forgotten to put deodorant on if I had an exciting career.

As an entering college freshman you’re shuffled into an auditorium, orientated, and then released to different points throughout the campus to declare a major and register for classes. You have to just, pick something to do and be for the rest of your life that costs thousands and thousands of dollars. If that doesn’t give you the sweats or the trots, nothing will. That’s probably where the commitment issues stem from that all of these “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants talk about.

But being a mother has really heightened some giftings I didn’t necessarily know I had that could pave the way to some exciting new career options.

The longer you’re a mother the more highly developed your investigative skills become and your ability to assess a situation upon walking into the room sharpens. You have to be able to walk into an argument from the other side of the house and instantly distinguish between guilty and innocent and assign blame on one party. You have to use your keen intellect to decide if the story matches up with the scene you walked into; ie: how did that booger get on the wall, how did the toy lizard get stuck so high up on the fireplace stones, how did your body part get stuck in that space. After quickly identifying that it was a raisin and not a poop-turd in my kid’s crib (featured photo for this blog), I decided that I’m going to apply for NCIS to be on Gibbs’ team when my kids are finally in elementary school. I could assess the crap out of those crime scenes after the real-world experience I’ve had parenting these past four years. So, I mean, there’s a real possibility that career move could work out for me.

Recently I’ve become addicted to the website Remodelaholic. No, this isn’t a sponsored post…I just seriously love them. I love houses. I love floor plans. I frequently gawk into windows of homes with blinds open and lights on as I drive by because I just love to see what they look like inside. If we had like, you know…capital and stuff, I’d love to buy an investment property and be project manager to update it. I have a lot of experiencing bringing life back into doors and walls and baseboards with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and I also know the difference between white and ivory from when I was wedding dress shopping, so I think I’d be good at managing a contractor and team.

And then there’s my blogging. Lately I’ve been researching how to build my blog through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, ads, etc. I’ve never felt so 80 years old in my life (no offense). Man, technology changed so much after I got out of college. I’d love to be one of those people who can buy a brand new, fully loaded mini van with cash saved up from a few months of blogging, but as I really started pondering how I do my life it dawned on me that Dollar Tree, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and children’s consignment sales probably don’t market that way. Or pay people for endorsements. Aldi, maybe. And anyone who has known me more than 15 minutes knows how obsessed I am with Aldi. I bet I could earn lots of shopping cart quarters if I get in an affiliate marketing program with them. So I just don’t know if a career in full time blogging will be financially lucrative for me. I’m still happy to share with you that my sweater cost $1 from a thrift store, my shorts cost $2 from Goodwill, and my eye shadow is from the Dollar Tree store. And I’ll also endorse the crap out of the pizza at Sam’s Club. That alone is worth the $40 yearly membership right there.

So until NCIS calls me back, someone loans me $300,000 to buy and flip a house, or someone pays me for my thoughts, I guess I’m okay with my life right now. Being at the center of God’s will has really ever been my only concern. Where He goes, I go. I can’t imagine my life without Him. But I’m really going to need to start setting an alarm in the mornings to remind myself to put deodorant on while I live out my current calling as a stay-at-home mom 🙂

What career do you wish you could pursue if you had no limitations?