Mom friends are the best. Sometimes we click with the spitting image of ourselves and sometimes we click with our complete opposite. But the best part of mom friends is getting to do life together. Here are just a handful of mom friends you might have in your life!

The Crunchy Mom

This is the friend who knows which essential oils to use for whatever ails you. The one who you’d rather have your actual, literal dirty laundry drug into public than have find out that you feed your children the foods from the great chefs of our day — Kraft, Boyardee, and Hostess. She’s the one who knows where not to put apple cider vinegar and how to make useful things from scratch like dryer sheets that are carcinogenic free. She’s the one who was still nursing her three-year-old while you were Googling “good apps for toddlers that don’t cause hyperactivity.”

She’s the crunchy friend who is doing such a good job raising her children in a safe, healthy environment.

The Fun Mom

This is the friend who is always posting pictures of cutesy breakfasts and lunches in the shapes of rainbows and sunshine and packs special snacks for outings to see the unicorns and fairies while you would settle for a walk down the street to the gas station for an afternoon donut. She’s the friend who pulls muscles in her appendages from dancing in the kitchen to the Zootopia soundtrack and who will show her friends’ kids how to blow up a whoopee cushion.

She’s the fun mom who is doing such a good job raising her children in a fun and loving environment where they get to experience all kinds of things.

The Mean Mom

This is the friend who is either a self-declared mean mom or who is just secretly feared/revered by other moms because of her shockingly impressive ability to make decisions, uphold discipline, and remove her own emotion from a situation. She’s the friend who made you want to stand up and slow clap after she told you how she enforced up to 30 minutes of quiet, independent book time before her kids could even read. This is the friend whose kids do like, chores and stuff, and who eat what’s served to them at meals and are in bed by 7pm every night.

She’s the mean mom who is doing such a good job raising her children to be responsible and respectful.

The Well-Informed Mom

This is the friend who is reading articles online after the kids go to bed while you’re quoting alongside episodes of Friends on Netflix for the millionth time with your bowl of Cocoa Puffs that you didn’t get with four various forms of coupons and/or rewards points like your friend would have. She’s the one you frantically text for advice when your little boy comes home from preschool and tells you a girl kissed him in the train on the playground and he “didn’t see that coming.” She’s the one who keeps a running tally of the gross children’s multi-vitamins and the good tasting ones and can save you a $19 trial and error experience.

She’s the well-informed mom who is doing such a good job raising her children on a path that has been researched and intentional.

The First Time Mom

This is the friend who makes you feel like a mommy genius with the advice she so frequently solicits from you. Never mind that your own toddler is terrified of sitting on the toilet, prefers to drink chocolate milk instead of eat actual food, and walks around with her adorable little finger wedged comfortably up her dainty nostril. You know stuff. And she wants to hear from you what to do when a fever hits 101 degrees, whether Tylenol or Ibuprofen is better for teething, and how you transitioned to cow’s milk. She’s the one you struggle to provide consolation to on days when she’s having a hard time with her one child while one of your kids has turned the dog’s food and water bowls into her personal sensory bin while the other one is begging you through his storm trooper mask, Nerf gun at his side, to play Star Wars with him while you’re trying to get dinner started.

She’s the first time mom who is doing such a good job raising her child by surrounding herself with moms who have been there, done that, and by reaching out when she needs support.

How boring would life be if we were all the same! Share this blog with the friends you were thinking of as you read this!