The Poop is in the Pudding

By |January 17th, 2017|

It’s unfortunate that chocolate pudding isn’t all that good for you. I’ve tried to justify it as a yogurt alternative since it’s made with a lot of milk…you know, like a cool, creamy calcium supplement. But it’s hard to justify the number of artificial coloring agents used to make the color brown. I always thought the color brown came from the chocolate that it’s made from. But it turns out they rely on science to make the chocolate pudding brown by adding a little bit of ADHD red, yellow, and blue dye. And I think one of the ingredients is […]

The Plant Lady

By |January 16th, 2017|

How do I feel about my husband’s new position at the corporate offices of a lawn and garden company? Good. Super great. Not at all concerned about my ability to fit in with his new co-workers………

My husband’s new boss asked him his first week of work if we had a real Christmas tree this year or an artificial one. I could feel a lump of anxiety growing in my stomach as he was re-telling me their conversation. Did he tell him we were too cheap to buy one each year? Did he tell them we’re scared of pine needles? And […]