It’s unfortunate that chocolate pudding isn’t all that good for you. I’ve tried to justify it as a yogurt alternative since it’s made with a lot of milk…you know, like a cool, creamy calcium supplement. But it’s hard to justify the number of artificial coloring agents used to make the color brown. I always thought the color brown came from the chocolate that it’s made from. But it turns out they rely on science to make the chocolate pudding brown by adding a little bit of ADHD red, yellow, and blue dye. And I think one of the ingredients is derived from hormone disrupting soybean oil. In fact, they probably grind up a carcinoma and mix it in the pudding powder too.

So because of all of that I saved a recipe for homemade pudding made with avocado, honey, cocoa powder, coconut milk, vanilla, and coconut oil to try. Basically, when you mash that all up together I think you get a dirty diaper. It’s confusing enough for me when my toddler’s dirty diaper smells like beef stew or when in the early newborn years it smelled like buttered popcorn, I really don’t need something that looks like dirty diaper that is supposed to be food. My perpetually foggy mind can only sort through so much conflict at one time.

I got too overwhelmed thinking about nutrition that I ate an organic brownie. Well, I call them organic because it’s an organic process that causes the baking soda to react and the eggs to bind the batter all together to form an excellent fudgy treat after 32 minutes of exposure to intense, concentrated heat. It’s practically a page out of an organic chemistry book. And it’s okay to eat that kind of science.