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Slipping on Purees and Life Callings

By |September 1st, 2015|

Last night at dinner I had an episode. Our 3-year-old was sitting at his spot at the dinner table being obnoxious — making obnoxious noises, pushing his food around his plate, and telling us he’ll wait to eat his kiwi until he was older. Our 9-month-old was covered in baby food and throwing everything on the floor off her high chair. My nerves.were shot. My son got up from his chair, obnoxiously rounded the table to see his baby sister and totally slipped on a splattering of pureed green beans surrounded by an array of baby spoons on the hardwood […]

What Not to Say

By |August 18th, 2015|

I enjoy spending what little free moments I have throughout the day perusing Pinterest, discovering how I should be doing my life better. Pinterest knows it all. But lately it seems like I keep finding all of these articles about what you shouldn’t say to your kid. And not obvious things you’d think, like using graphic descriptions of where babies come from, swearing at your kids, talking about how tornadoes can fall from the clouds when it storms, how everyone is going to die someday, and that if you completely seal off the toilet seat when you sit on it […]

Tough Questions

By |July 31st, 2015|

It’s really hard to have all the answers all the time. And nothing will make you feel even more desperate and alone than when you receive a message like the above picture when you type in your situation to Pinterest. I mean, when Pinterest tells you you’re on your own, you might as well go pop open a pudding cup and sit in the closet and bellow.

I’m coming out of an incredibly challenging last week and a half of parenting. Granted, my challenges are minuscule and short-lived compared to some of the challenges I know you other moms face or […]

Mom Butts

By |July 30th, 2015|

There are a lot of reasons why we moms chose the outfits we do in the mornings. Some of us are getting ready for work so we don an attractive pin skirt or flattering dress pants. Some of us are feeling trendy so we wear skinny jeans or leggings under a tunic. And some of us haven’t showered today and are throwing in the towel we didn’t use so we could just wear comfy clothes.

No matter what you decide to wear in the morning, you and every other mom in America probably did the same — turned in the mirror […]

One Upon a Time in Nebraska

By |July 29th, 2015|

I’m starting to wonder if we should just stay put and never travel again. My fear is that each trip might actually be more epic than the one before until we eventually take a trip that becomes so epic we never return.

We went to Nebraska on a day trip for my husband’s cousin’s wedding, three hours away. For two grown adults, it shouldn’t have been big deal. Long day, but not a big deal. Apparently a three-year-old and a six-month-old can’t handle what we can.

The wedding was outdoors at a military base and for the reception, the guests were to […]

Things That Make You Go “Ugh”

By |July 25th, 2015|

When your three-year-old comes out of his bedroom and says “I peed in my shoe.” We walked into his room and sure enough — pee in his shoe, on his shoe, and around his shoe. Ugh. Someday I’m going to pee in MY shoe and see what kind of rush he experienced.

When the furniture crew delivers the long-awaited back-ordered last part of the couch for the basement and they find a plastic potato chip and hot dog from Bub’s shopping cart set nestled down in the couch cushions. Ugh. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have strangers find your wiener stuck […]

The Way of the Mom

By |July 24th, 2015|

We were at a Major League Soccer game the other night. Like, we got a sitter for the kids even. It was oddly relaxing and anxious at the same time being away from them but we were out for a much needed date night.

In front of us was another couple with a young daughter. She made a soccer ball sign to wave during the game that made her about the cutest cheerleader there was.

Part way through the game the mom came back to her seat with a gyro that looked really good. As she was eating it it took everything […]

More Epic-y Than Epic

By |July 11th, 2015|

We were so excited for our 4th of July trip to the cabin in Wisconsin. We just knew it was going to be an epic trip because it was going to be the first time we’d have both kids and our dog there, and our three-year-old was going to be able to experience so many great activities like bonfires, swimming, boating, fishing, and fireworks, all with lots of our extended family. But the second half of our trip and the drive home was even more epic-y than we could ever have imagined.

I just love my mom. She’s just perfect. Well…almost […]


By |July 9th, 2015|

“You’ll have to actually do your hair when Jennie comes since you know her’s will look awesome.”

“I thought you’d appreciate that……nope? Okay, got it.”

Sometimes husbands mean well but they can swing and miss (since I’m writing about husbands I decided to try to incorporate a sports reference). In this instance, I actually burst out laughing afterwards because there was such long awkward silence and the man spoke truth.

We were on our 10 hour drive to the cabin on the lake in Wisconsin for the 4th of July holiday with […]