That One Time in the Woods

My friend and I earned a Girl Scout badge today. Actually, based on the sheer volume of spider webs and spiders that could only be described as steroid-induced or GMO that we encountered on our seemingly innocent nature walk through the woods with our young children, I’d say we earned our Eagle Scout status…and our Didn’t-Lose-Our-Crap Status. This was in part due to my trail mate, Carissa, whose ever-optimistic demeanor and gentle voice talked both toddler and grown-up down from emotional instability to a place of calmness as we realized how far…oh so very far away we were from the […]

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The Poop is in the Pudding

It’s unfortunate that chocolate pudding isn’t all that good for you. I’ve tried to justify it as a yogurt alternative since it’s made with a lot of milk…you know, like a cool, creamy calcium supplement. But it’s hard to justify the number of artificial coloring agents used to make the color brown. I always thought the color brown came from the chocolate that it’s made from. But it turns out they rely on science to make the chocolate pudding brown by adding a little bit of ADHD red, yellow, and blue dye. And I think one of the ingredients is […]

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The Plant Lady

How do I feel about my husband’s new position at the corporate offices of a lawn and garden company? Good. Super great. Not at all concerned about my ability to fit in with his new co-workers………

My husband’s new boss asked him his first week of work if we had a real Christmas tree this year or an artificial one. I could feel a lump of anxiety growing in my stomach as he was re-telling me their conversation. Did he tell him we were too cheap to buy one each year? Did he tell them we’re scared of pine needles? And […]

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What Kind of Mom Friend Are You?

Mom friends are the best. Sometimes we click with the spitting image of ourselves and sometimes we click with our complete opposite. But the best part of mom friends is getting to do life together. Here are just a handful of mom friends you might have in your life!

The Crunchy Mom

This is the friend who knows which essential oils to use for whatever ails you. The one who you’d rather have your actual, literal dirty laundry drug into public than have find out that you feed your children the foods from the great chefs of our day — Kraft, Boyardee, […]

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If You’re the Mom Who Loves Whoopee Cushions

Raising children up to be well-mannered, well-behaved, well-rounded humans is tougher than I thought before I had kids of my own. You remember that place, right? The land of a thousand opinions but zero experience? Well the rose colored glasses have not only been removed but trampled. I’m speaking metaphorically, but also kind of literally too as my husband’s sunglasses are no longer usable after a certain toddler underestimated her weight as she stepped on them.

Every day I remind myself that God gave my kids the mother that He knew they would need. It’s inspiring and motivating and gives me […]

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When Your Nerves are Shot

I was sitting on the ledge of the bathtub brushing my teeth after getting out of the shower one day. While my mind was wandering to all kinds of random things, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that made my stomach flop. I turned my head towards the mirror above our sink. It was foggy and steamed over from the heat of my shower. There were little water droplets running down the glass. And that’s when I saw it … a hand print. Four fingers and a thumb, perfectly highlighted because of the steam from the […]

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On the Path to Olympic Greatness

My husband and I took the kids to the community center pool for some Friday Family Fun. As enjoyable as it was to feel my thighs and midsection jiggle in the rushing waters of the lazy river while I followed alongside the kiddos, I wanted to take a few minutes to swim by myself.

I put on my son’s goggles, did a mean breast stroke towards the wall, and went in for a Michael Phelps-esque underwater turn.

I ended up just doing a somersault by the wall in the deep end. #nailedit

Apparently the skills I acquired during the swimming unit of my […]

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Hint of Rebellion

I’ll admit that I go through seasons where I feel slightly rebellious. Fortunately, the urge usually lasts only a few days and is usually limited to pathetic things like rebelling against pre-rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, going to Walmart without having put deodorant on yet that day (gosh…a lot of my posts lately have been about not putting deodorant on…), and going through the doors marked “entrance” instead of the doors marked “exit” when leaving a store. Sometimes I feel compelled to eat an unhealthy amount of chips or Oreos. But for the most part, my spurts […]

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Contemplating a Career Change

I often ponder my career choice. Especially now as a stay-at-home mom when most of my day-to-day activities are less than glamorous. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little people with all my heart and I love providing them with a great, well-rounded day of activities, but yesterday I forgot to put deodorant on. By the end of the day I realized how offensive I was. And I don’t mean with my words. It was the pits (ba dum tssss). I probably wouldn’t have forgotten to put deodorant on if I had an exciting career.

As an entering college […]

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